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Monthly Meeting Schedule:


Our AGM will be held on Thursday, January 30, 6pm at the Two Rivers Art Gallery, one hour before our regular monthly meeting. Be prepared to pay your annual membership fee.

Next PG Woodturners meeting is 7pm, Thursday January 30 at:





By - Tim

Click here for great Demo ideas:    https://sawg.org.nz/projects/projects-a-d/
Cookie Duty For 2019:

  •     Jan          Greg

  •     Feb          Bob

  •     March      Dale

  •     April         George

  •     May         Art

  •     June        Terry

  •     July         Bill

  •     Aug        Ray

  •     Sept       Rory

  •     Oct        Jim

  •     Nov        Ken

  •     Dec        Tim


              DEMO SCHEDULE FOR 2020:

January              Tim

February             Laurier

March                 George

April                    Don

May                    Doug

June                   Ray

July                    Tony

August                Art

September          Barry

October               Greg

November           Vern

December           Jim

            DEMO SCHEDULE FOR 2019:

January           Tim, Greg          Wood Lamps

February          Laurier              Wood Bangles

March               Misc.                Spinning, Weaving

April                  Ken                  Six-sided bowl

May                   ?                       ?

June                 Members          Enhancements

July                   Art                    Rolling Pin

Aug                   Marty                Bird House

Sept                  Martin               Russian Olive Bowl

October             Bob                  Holding Wood

November         Doug                Burning Wood

December.        Tim                   Skew without Fear