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Guild News:

Notes from January 22 2023

Tim welcomed old and new members to the 1st meeting of 2023.


Wood Draw

A successful wood draw was held, thanks Bob


Show and Tell

Art shared a couple of resin and birch burl turnings that he had turned from wood that he had picked up at a previous wood draw.

Laurier tuned a miniature bird house for a demo

Laurier's birdhouses.jpg


Hope Farms in Willow River requires clean wood shavings (no paint or sealer) to grow mushrooms at their organic farm.

They will pick it up from you, call 250-568-2507



NOTICE - PG Fibre Arts Guild meets upstairs at Studio 2880 for monthly meetings on 2nd Tuesday of each month. There is opportunity to supply specific spindle work to them. For further info call Margaret at 250-649-5048

Click on this Link to see photos of Ron's coring demonstration:

Click on this link for photos of Deep Hollowing by Art Betke at April 27th guild meeting:

For more photos of Power Carving click on this link:

                      Acrylic Pen by Tim Power   March 31, 2016
Minutes for Feb 25, 2016

Here are photos from January Texturing Demo by Art and Ken:

May 28, 2015


A large wood raffle was held during this month's meeting in honour of our old friend and fellow wood turner Max Muller, who passed away this Spring.


His children generously arranged to have his stored wood distributed among guild members. The raffle was successful with everyone receiving some nice chunks of wood. Instructions are: Go out and make something beautiful in Max"s memory.


Thank you to Max's family who kindly donated the wood to the Guild!


Next meeting will be at the Art Gallery on Thursday, June 25th.








Prince George Woodturning Guild Meeting February 26, 2015


Members present:

Bill, Rory, Ray, George, Greg, Terry, Ken, Martin, Dale, Bob, Ron & Allen



The meeting was called to order @ 7:05 and a discussion was held on having a guest turner do a workshop again this year. It was felt that there was not enough interest and the cost of some of the demonstrators would be a burden on the guild if not enough people participated. Insurance was also discussed but at this time there is not a final answer, the discussion will continue. Martin distributed a handout on vacuum chucking.



Greg did an excellent demonstration on how to make a baby rattle, thank you Greg! Wood draw


A successful wood draw was held, thank you Bob.


Meeting adjourned @ 9:00 pm, next meeting March 26, @ 7:00 pm – Two Rivers Gallery.






Positive feed back was received from all who attended the Al Stirt weekend woorkshop on September 6 & 7 at Studio 2880.


Al Stirt covered some of the important elements required in woodturning which will result in a shape and grain pattern that both you and your customer will be happy with. 


He taught several new and inovative colouring and texturing techniques of bowls and platters.


He addressed proper sharpening of tools and was open to answer many questions from attendees.


Thanks to Al Stirt who travelled a long way (Vermont) to see us. Also thanks to the organizers of the event and all those who attended to make it a success.


Prince George Woodturning Guild Meeting

June 26, 2014



Members present:

Ken, Mark, Greg, Bob, Rory, George, Ron, Martin, Art and Max


Display of members work:

 Max, Ron and Martin displayed a number of different pieces of turning



Ken chaired the meeting. A discussion was held again to whether or not the guild was going to proceed with getting Al Stirta from Vermont to give a working demonstration the weekend of September 6 & 7th.  Consensus of the members present was YES!  Some turners from Quesnel will be also attending.  The cost per member will be $180.00 for the two days and $100.00 for one day.  Al’s demonstration will be held at Studio 2880.  



Mark demonstrate how to hollow from the bottom using a boring bar, thank you Mark

Next month Ron and Martin will do a demonstration on competitive threading at the Art Gallery.


$17 was raised from the wood draw, thank you Bob and members for continuing to support the wood draw.



Prince George Woodturning Guild Meeting March 27, 2014


Members present: Ray, Bob, Greg, Ron, Terry, Dale, Max, Martin, Ken, Rory, Art and Rollie (guest)


Display of members work A variety of examples of guild member’s turnings were displayed.


News The meeting was called to order at 7:05, The Art Gallery’s “Maker Lab” will be moving into the space that the guild uses, this will allow the guild member to use items that are included in the “Maker Lab”. Ron proposed to bring his bowl turning lathe to the Art Gallery and leave it there for a couple of months. This will allow for two demonstrations at the same time. There has been no contact by the Winter Games committee on creating items for the upcoming Winter Games.


Finance The guild has $2,282.97 in the account. Ken informed the members on some upcoming Woodturning symposiums. Date Location Presenter April 27th,28th Central Sannich Marilyn Campbell May 3rd Vancouver Andre Martel May 27th Edmonton Jimmy Clewes July 25th, 26th & 27th Saskatoon Douglas Fisher/Binh Pho July 28th , 29th & 30th Prince Albert Bihn Pho Safety


There was a general discussion concerning safety. Demonstration Ken presented a very interesting demonstration on the steps involved in turning a ‘off centre square bowl. Well done Ken! Wood draw Another successful wood draw was held.


Prince George Woodturning Guild Meeting Feb 27th, 2014


Members present: Terry, Gayle, Ken, Max, Marc, Rory, Ray, Ron, Bill, Martin and Dale



Ken distributed a survey of possible projects chosen by members for demonstration throughout 2014. Members were asked to sign up as demonstrators.


The Maker Lab at the Art Gallery has purchased a Laser etching machine; it has yet to be installed but will be available for members to use on their projects. The Art Gallery will be holding a Mini Maker Fair on September 20, the guild has been asked to participate. Members were asked whether or not they wanted to bring in someone to do a presentation. Costs may be split between the guild and the gallery.


Ron will contact Mackenzie to determine as to when the guild will participate in an event in Mackenzie. After discussion it was felt that show would be held in Mackenzie after the Two Rivers Progression Event which is schedule for July 10th to August 17th.


Demonstration Ron demonstrated the steps involved in making a mallet. Thank you Ron


Wood draw Gayle to the lead on organizing the wood draw, thank you Gayle.


Prince George Woodturning Guild Meeting

January 30th, 2014

Members present:

Terry, George, Gayle, Ken, Bob, Max, Mark, Rory, Ray, Greg, Ron, Bill, Martin and Dale


Laurie is taking the year off from the guild to focus on work commitments.  A list of demo ideas was handed out to members.  Members were asked to prioritize demonstrations they would like to see.  Ken talked to the Spirit of the North Foundation regarding selling products at the hospital.  There is a 15% commission on items up to $1,000.00 and 10% commission on items sold above $1,000.00.

The guild has been approached to produce items that can be given to speakers and VIP’s at the upcoming Winter Games.  George will contact a games member to get more information.  The Gallery has purchased a grinder for sharpening tools the guild will be able to use it at demonstrations.

The guild will be displaying items at the Two Rivers Gallery from July 10th to August 10th; the theme of the display is ‘Progression’, progressing from a raw log through to the finished product. The guild may also be setting up a display in Mackenzie.  


Ron demonstrated the steps involved in making a tooth pick holder, including a lid.  A great demonstration!

Wood draw

Another successful wood draw was held.


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